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Robin Hood: Arrows

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Category: Games
Released: 03 November 2011
Version: 1.0
Size: 12.2MB
Language: English
You are Robin Hood, see if you can win the Prize of England, the gold and silver arrow.

Its a time of kings and nobles, a time that is still trying to escape the dark ages. The people are peasants and slaves to their medieval lords, worked to the bone and powerless. The evil Sheriff of Nottingham takes from the poor to feed his desire for land and power. You are Robert of Locksley, the rightful Earl of Huntingdon who the Sheriff left for dead after raiding your estate. You can no longer return to your home, so you leave for Sherwood forest vowing revenge on the Sheriff. You become an outlaw of the people by taking the money from the rich and giving it to the poor. You are no longer Robert of Locksley, but Robin Hood.

Your recent success of robbing the latest high profile visitor to Nottingham has begun to gain you more support and turn the people against the Sheriff. In order to try and regain the support of the peasants the Sheriff has decided to hold an Archery contest, and is offering the Gold and Silver arrow as first prize. The arrow is a symbol of english freedom that was stolen by the Norman lords after their win at the battle of Hastings. You vow to win the contest and return the arrow to the English people. You make your way to Nottingham and meet your first challenger. Good luck!
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