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So progress is finally being made this year, and though nothing is complete (as always) i do feel further along this year than previous years.

I have a wall in my office that is full of post-it notes, that detail some of the games I want to make. I use this wall as inspiration but also as a method of tracking progress (i’m very much a visual person on paper than having everything on the computer). Out of the 15 ideas on the board, there are three in production. This means the designs have been done and are out to artists to complete. Each is a different complexity and at a different stage of creation. I’m trying to get as many designs out to different artists as possible to allow me to spread the risk and hopefully allow me to release more games this year than my combined number of games in previous years (I am targeting 6 games on iOS this year). Of course once the games come in, then I still need to create the code, but as the art is being drip fed, i am starting to hook the code up, which should hopefully speed things up a little. Two of the games so far are relatively straight forward, while the strategy game i am working on will require a lot more thought/time/effort.

One of the negatives of part time indie game creator is how time flies (because full time work etc takes up so much of my life). You start work on games, and then suddenly before you know it another month is gone. So hopefully the next blog will have something positive to say about our next game releases.
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