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Whats Next?

Things have been quiet at Castle Software for the last few months, currently we are working on a new computer games creation book called - Adventure Game Creation for Teens. The book was due to be released May, but has been delayed a little until August/September time. So now we have a bit more time we are looking making sure its the best adventure game book it can be.

I am really excited about it as I think i may write a few iOS games based on some of the code work used in the book.

While the book is being worked on, we will be getting some graphics made up for a new game for iOS, which should start pre-production shortly. The initial designs should be complete by Monday and the process will start of some basic mockup’s and screen designs before graphic work is begun.

I suspect this new project will be our next game, as i don’t think we have time to make an adventure game for iOS in time.

More information when its available.
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Castle Software Ltd
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