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December 2011

A New Beginning?

2011 has been a very busy year, not just for Castle Software, finally releasing a number of apps for the iPhone, but for me personally, having a full time job, working with Clickteam and writing another book (on sale in May 2012)… it made me think about what my aims will be for the new year (2012).

I love stat’s and records, and as December provided Castle Software with it’s biggest ever download levels since I created the company, I feel even more inspired to create even more content in 2012.We have a number of iPhone/iPad apps in development, but also we are looking at creating some educational software. We will also be implementing a Castle Software store in 2012, which will finally see us release a number of products and resources that have been sitting on our hard disks for a while.

As 2012 is only a few days away and because we have such big plans to increase our product releases and turnover in 2012, it was time to create a new website with a new look and feel, so after quite a few hours of work figuring out our new web creation software, we think we have finally come up with something that better suits a more professional feel.

We hope you like it, and we hope that you visit us and take time to post in our forums.

Hope you all had a happy and safe Christmas, and have a great 2012.


Castle Software Ltd
Castle Software Ltd
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