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Another Year Nearly Gone

I started out the year with so many big plans, my original aim was to develop 12 iOS apps throughout the year, some easy, some more complex, but in the end, I have managed 0 so far. What with my full time job and writing a new book, I haven’t managed to actually get anything started… Very disappointing.

Over the last week or so I’ve been updating some of my older apps to support iOS6, and it’s made me realise again how much fun making app’s is and seeing them succeed or fail is something I love to watch. I find the whole process fascinating.

With only a few weeks of November left, the question will be is what is possible for me to achieve and get released on the iTunes store before it closes down before Christmas. There isn’t long left of the year, and of course, time is running out. But I want to give it a go. With that in mind, I think I had better get some work done.
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